Tazo Chai Tea Latte

Yeay! Decaf chai lattes here I come!!!

While shopping this evening I picked up an old favorite drink: Tazo Decafinated Chai Latte Concentrate. I loved these so much before going gluten free. But for some odd reason I just gave them up completely without checking to see if they are GF. I guess I just naturally assumed they had gluten (and dairy).

But I read the ingredients and they all looked good… until I got to the ambiguous, dreaded “Natural Flavors”. So I just called the Tazo 800 number and they confirmed that there’s no gluten or dairy in the Decaf Chai!!

So tonight after I put the little man to bed, I’m going to have a nice hot mug o’ Chai while I finish work. Whoo hoo!!!

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  1. Cassie 01/22/2013 at 10:42 PM #

    What about the caffinated flavors? I love Chai, and am looking for available options. Also, I noticed Starbucks has a chai latte drink which is made with Tazo tea, but i do not know if they add anything to it.

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