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Super Simple Gluten-Free Italian Night

Thank goodness for bionaturae Gluten-Free Pastas. There’s nothing better than a simple weeknight dinner after a long day of work and after school activities. And a super fast ‘n’ easy Gluten-Free Italian Night with bionaturae pasta is a favorite of everyone in the house. Here’s how we do it… I’ll usually brown up some lean […]

bionaturae Gluten-Free Pasta

… the absolute best gluten-free pasta this gluten-free girl has ever tasted. Made from potato, soy and rice, bionaturae’s gluten-free pasta has the texture and taste just like…

The Gluten-Free “Eat, Pray, Love” Italian Food Gift Basket

This Julia Roberts flick did one thing for me: made me hungry!! I came out of the movie craving an italian carb feast. But italian food can be difficult to have on a gluten-free diet since it’s all about pasta and bread and pizza… (and a lot of sauces contain gluten!). But if you know […]