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Garlic Joy

Since going gluten-free I found out I also have a few food allergies (lucky me) including casein, the protein found in all types of milk. So I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to dress up food without butter and cheese (sad, huh?) AND gluten. But I have to say that even though most of […]

Gluten-free Babycakes NYC comes to Orlando!!!!

A couple of months ago I bought a FABULOUS cookbook: “Babycakes” by Erin McKenna. It’s full of super-delicious recipes for gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, brownies… Yum!!! That night, as I paged through the beautiful full-color photogrpahs of beautiful baked goods, I told my husband “Forget BAKING these…. I want to get on a plane to New […]

Possible Reasons to Start Gluten-Free Diet

I’m often asked, why do people go on a gluten-free diet? There’s a wide variety of reasons, from minor medical and personal health beliefs to major medical diseases and conditions. There’s a lot of controversy in the medical field about how, why and even whether people should go on a gluten-free diet. So far studies […]

Go with Your Gut

More and more often when we eat out, I tell our server that about my food issues and they respond with “Oh! I/my friend/sister/uncle has an allergy/Celiac/sensitivity to…”. When this happens, I always breathe a sigh of relief because I know they understand and will do their best to help and get me through my […]