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Gluten Free Super Bowl Party Food – YUM!

Okay, so as loyal readers may have noticed I’m not much of a frou-frou cook. If there are more than 20 ingredients in a recipe and I’m usually OUT! Simple and easy yet tasty is my motto. Especially when I’m preparing for a party. So for food-oriented parties like the Super Bowl, I like to […]

Are Peeps Gluten Free?

Our 8-year-old son LOVES Peeps. Adores them! Personally, I don’t get the attraction. But every year (since I had to go gluten-free and we stopped bringing gluten into the house) he asks and I have to say no. Because a couple of years ago I did the research and found they were contaminated (shared equipment). […]

“Bakery on Main” Granola

My family loves this granola! We always have a bag of the Cranberry Granola in the house (appropriate since we’re currently living in cranberry country in Massachusetts!!). That was the first flavor we tried and it was so yummy that we never branched out. So when I got an email from Gluten Free Saver, and […]

Best Gluten Free Breads

My whole wonderful family has gone gluten free to support me (thanks guys!), so I make a point to bring home each and every new gluten free bread-type-substance for them to try. Since they don’t have to be gluten free (let alone dairy and egg free, like I do), I want them to have the […]

Autism Linked to Immune Disorders – Including Celiac

A friend just emailed me a link to an article in the Sunday Times about Autism being caused by immune disorders such as Celiac Disease. It states that at least one-third of Autism (and “very likely more”) is caused by inflammatory diseases that start while in the mother’s womb. The more active a mother’s immune […]

List of Hidden Gluten

Gluten can lurk in any product, food or non-food (postage stamps and envelopes?!). So instead of taking the mental energy to memorize all of these, I’ve created a free downloadable, printable file, “Potential Hidden Gluten Sources” that you can print and take with you. In this document I’ve compiled a handy list of all the […]

Gluten-Free Italian Meatball Recipe

INGREDIENTS 2 lbs ground sirloin (can also use a mix of sirloin, pork and veal) ½ tspn kosher or sea salt ½ tspn ground pepper ½ tspn onion powder ½ tspn garlic powder 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil 1 tspn chopped fresh oregano ½ cup gluten-free plain breadcrumbs (we use […]

Brain Fog? Evernote to the Rescue!

I love the Evernote application!! LOVE it! Why? Well, one of the symptoms of my Celiac Disease is the swelling of many things: hands, feet, face and, I’m guessing, the brain. I’m assuming this is cause for the oft-mentioned “brainfog” that people talk about as a side effect of ingesting gluten. And going gluten-free is […]

DIY: Make Your Own Gluten-Free Book

I decided to make my own book. Not that I wanted to write a cookbook or anything – I’m not that good of a cook – nor a writer! No, I made my own book from other peoples ideas. I took all my favorite gluten-free food lists, recipes and weekly meal plans, all the gluten-free recipes and information I’d torn out, saved and cobbled together and I made My Very Own Gluten-Free Book. Since I already had all the information just sitting there….

New Study Gives Celiacs Hope…?

A newly discovered biochemical interaction in a University of Chicago animal study suggests Celiac Disease may be preventable and treatable.