Spectrum Oils NOT Gluten-free

While the oils themselves don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients, the machine Hain Spectrum Oils made on also processes Unrefined Wheat Germ Oil!!!! While they say that they take every precation and clean their machines between runs, I’m afraid I’ve found the culprit to my recent health setback. My sensitive gut can’t handle even the slightest trace of gluten. So this could possibly explain some of my “But-I-Didn’t-Eat-Any-Gluten-Why-Am-I-Having-Symptoms” days. I was using their Coconut Oil, Vegan Mayo and Canola Oil… Then I found out about the shared line with wheat germ oil and stopped using Spectrum and started to feel better. So I’m going to avoid all Spectrum Naturals products from this point on. Which is really too bad because I love their healthy fats!

Here’s what they say about possible gluten contamination in their products.

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