Pei Wei Vietnamese Salad Roll Recipe!

I’ve tried countless times to replicate my favorite Pei Wei gluten-free dish, Vietnamese Salad Rolls. Each time, they’re… eh, okay. Edible. Passable. But never as fab as the real thing.

So imagine my delight when I found this recipe for Vietnamese Shrimp & Mango Rolls which seems like it’s a modified Vietnamese Chicken Salad Roll. I’m beyond excited!!! I’m going to try it out sometime this week and I’ll post back with the results.

Oh – they also have several other Pei Wei recipes online that you can download that could be modified to be gluten free. (Some recipes even have instructional videos online!) Luckily my husband’s fave, Thai Blazing Noodles, is also online. The noodles are rice, so it seems like if you use gluten-free soy this recipe should be GF (I usually get La Choy Lite Soy Sauce – it’s GF and easily found).

So check out the recipes (and please share if you have any luck with modifying a Pei Wei recipe into a gluten-free recipe!).

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