Outback Gluten-Free Menu Review & Tips

Phew…! I did a whole lotta work on my new “Outback Gluten-Free Dining Tips” free download!! (Too much, my husband argues. But I wanted it to be just right!) So it actually took me nearly three weeks (!) to make this comprehensive Outback dining tips and dish-by-dish menu review. So I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks. But, um, you know, I was… busy eating at Outback all the time for research. :) Pffft! No, really it took so long because I’m just too detail oriented about getting the layout, design and information *just* right.

Outback is one of my favorite restaurants for gluten-free dining out. And one of the safest I’ve found, bar none. (Granted, there’s always a chance to get glutened when someone else prepares your food, but this has only happened ONCE in the many times I’ve eaten at Outback Steakhouse.) So I wanted to make a nice document to help other people discover how to have a safe, enjoyable gluten-free dining experience at Outback Steakhouse.

In my free download, each GF Outback meal is broken down dish by gluten-free dish. Each meal has a description of what you can and can’t have, how to order it and a handy, quick table of all the custom Outback food items you MUST avoid. I know that Outback has a wonderful Gluten-Free Menu already, but this will help you avoid possible cross-contamination of improperly prepared food as well as quickly and expertly help you communicate to the Outback staff your gluten-free needs.

I also created an Outback Kitchen Tips page — well, two versions of a page actually — that you can print and bring with you to Outback to give to the kitchen staff. It details what they should and shouldn’t do to keep your meal safely gluten-free. And this way you can make your needs known without having to do all the verbal explaining. And you won’t have to rely on your server to accurately relay your needs to the kitchen staff. Basically, it makes me the “bad guy” who requests all the things we need to stay safe and let’s you be the happy, innocent customer yet still get the attention you need in the kitchen. :)

Here's the disclaimer Outback has on their menus... In case you're wondering what their policy is with their GF Menu

Okay. So enjoy the download – oh wait! In case you’re wondering what I personally order at Outback…. My absolute favorite gluten-free dish is the GF Alice Springs Chicken. (Granted, it tasted a lot better before I found out I’m allergic to dairy when I could eat all that yummy cheese!!!) But I get the chicken and a baked potato with extra Honey Mustard (which is GF and dairy free) instead of all the butter and sour cream (more dairy I miss!!!). But it’s still super yummy and my total go-to GF dish at Outback. What’s your favorite gluten-free Outback food? Do you have any tips you’d like to add to my list to help out fellow gluten-free diners?


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4 Responses to “Outback Gluten-Free Menu Review & Tips”

  1. pamela 05/15/2012 at 1:33 PM #

    Is there ANYWHERE in the Orlando area that sells good gluten free bread? Focacca, cibatta etc. W.Foods taste like cardboard. I live in WP.

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    • noi 12/17/2012 at 1:09 PM #

      Actually, the best gluten free sandwich bread that we’ve found is the Whole Foods Light Sandwich Bread (make sure it’s the Light one though!).
      Then there’s a super yummy Baguette that my boys love: Against the Grain. It’s kind of chewy just out of the bag tho. So I take pieces of the baguette, cut it in half, heat a bit of Safflower oil in a frying pan and lightly pan fry (and smooth the heck out of it) to make panini sandwiches.
      And for wraps, Rudi’s has just come out with the best (by FAR!) gluten free wraps. They’re soft and pliable, tasty and certified GF. I eat one just about every weekday for lunch. They’re a GFCFEF lifesaver!!!!!!
      Hope this helps!

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  2. CEN 02/06/2012 at 3:15 PM #

    Also, Bonefish Grill has a wonderful Gluten free Menu, and they cook on dedicated surfaces to cater to those with gluten/wheat sensitivities.

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    • noi 02/10/2012 at 10:58 AM #

      Oooooh! Thanks for the info. There’s one down on I-Drive here in Orlando. I’m going to have to go check it out. Thanks!

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