Did NBC Fold Under Celiac Backlash?

Our Super Bowl party was super fun but as a host I didn’t get to watch all the commercials. Did NBC react to Celiac outrage and pull all gluten references? I do know that the NASCAR commercial after the (super tense, last-minute-changing) Super Bowl ended did not have the gluten reference in it! Did it only play once? If so, then they pulled it.

According to TheIndependent.com, it appears they did re-edit it to exclude the line. (EDIT: It seems The Independent pulled this post! So maybe they didn’t!!) But NASCAR tweeted about the spot with a link inviting people see the full length 2-minute version (with gluten line intact) after a shorter, 60 second commercial aired.

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And now it seems as though there’s a big “Get Over It!” backlash to the Celiac outcry backlash! People all over are warring over this gluten joke issue, like over on GlutenDude.com.

People don’t seem to understand that it’s hard when the phrase “gluten-free” can lump together trendy, fad dieters with those who find it medically necessary to avoid gluten. And while I agree with many out there that a single joke is just that, a joke, it seems like it might be more difficult as time goes by. Because when you add this single NASCAR joke to the multitude already out there, it becomes more difficult to ignore. From one liners by the likes of Fallon and Conan or by these newly appearing “difficult trend monster” characters in sitcoms or in movies (you know, the one’s writers are always “hilariously” writing in who incorrectly wave all food away with a single, dismissive sniff saying disgustedly “No thanks; gluten!”) it grows with each passing joke added to the pile. It be comes a Whole instead of the individual parts. A Whole that seems to be morphing into a pervading, sneering attitude of condescending towards those on a gluten-free diet… which can make it difficult to navigate daily gluten free life. A daily life which includes servers who don’t believe in intolerance or Celiac… people who dismiss what they deem “needy” or “high maintenance” requests… people who think they know better than us, the ones who live with it year in and year out… all because they’ve heard the growing number of jokes about gluten.

Phew. That was a long soapbox rant, huh?! What do you think?


Read the original post about this commercial here

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