List of Hidden Gluten

Gluten can lurk in any product, food or non-food (postage stamps and envelopes?!). So instead of taking the mental energy to memorize all of these, I’ve created a free downloadable, printable file, “Potential Hidden Gluten Sources” that you can print and take with you. In this document I’ve compiled a handy list of all the things that I’ve been very surprised to learn *can* contain gluten. It’s not a complete list, but it’s pretty extensive and it’s really helped me a lot.

Always check ingredients on ANY item before you buy it, but especially when it’s on this list. Look for many of the sneaky ways gluten can be included in ingredients (I have another free list, “Unacceptable Ingredients for a Gluten-Free Diet“, which details all the ways I’ve found gluten to be listed in ingredients). And when you can’t find ingredients listed on a products packaging (medication, envelopes), ask someone (pharmacist or call the manufacturer). And just because you’ve found one brand that’s GF, don’t assume all brands are the same. Sometimes different brands of an item are safe and others aren’t. And even brands that were once safe can change ingredients or manufacturing practices without notice. So whenever you purchase any of these items always take a quick look at the ingredients for gluten!!

Another great (and much more complete!) resource for finding hidden gluten – or, more importantly, finding what’s truly gluten free – is Triumph’s Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. It has more than 44,000 (!) brand-name and store-brand gluten-free products that you’ll find at grocery stores all across the U.S. I bought both this guide and their restaurant guide the second year I was gluten-free. And I was so upset that I hadn’t bought it earlier! While it doesn’t have ALL the foods you may wonder about, it has SO many that it really helps save time and energy when you’re first going gluten-free. (And by that I mean the first 2-3 years… That’s how long it took me to truly feel comfortable with knowing which brands to trust and which to suspect…) And the guide has a Color-coded system to make meal planning and finding your favorite foods really easy.

Finally, always remember when wondering if a food has gluten: when in doubt, leave it out!!!!

Find my free downloadable, printable PDF list of all Potential Hidden Gluten and many other lists and recipes on my free downloads page.

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