Liberty Bakery Closed

Today I wanted to place an order for some yummy gluten-free Thanksgiving treats: bread, pie and perhaps cupcakes or cake. So of course I thought of our local allergy-friendly bakery, Liberty Bakery. But their website was down… and then I found their phone number and it was disconnected! Closed?! Say it ain’t so!

For confirmation I called the Whole Foods on Sand Lake Road (where I’d originally discovered Liberty cupcakes in their gluten-free freezer). And sadly, they confirmed what I dreaded: Liberty Bakery is no more.

Boo hoo! Now where am I to go for some freshly baked gluten and dairy free treats?

I may have to actually crack open one of the dozens of gluten-free cookbooks I’ve begun acquiring.

Anyone out there (if there IS anyone out there reading…!) know why they closed?

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  1. Elizabeth 04/23/2012 at 6:58 PM #

    There is a place in Orlando called raphsodic bakery on N. Mills Ave. They have GF/CF desserts

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