Know Thy Farmer

A good friend of mine, who is a very health-consious “gluten-lite” individual (he doesn’t have Celiac or official sensitivity, but feels way better when he’s off gluten) takes great amusement in ribbing me about my new healthy eating habits. For years he’d been telling me that I should eat better… cut down on gluten… take probiotics… change up or rotate my diet more. So when I began to radically change my eating habits and started to “out-healthy” the Healthy Guy, he of course had to up the ante. Now with a mischievous little smile, he’s taken to asking, “Ah yes! It may be organic/free-range/whole, but do you KNOW your farmer?! Until you look the farmer in the eye and see the place where your food was raised, you don’t really know what they do to your food.”

Like he’s EVER met his farmer.

But he keeps saying it! So, while I haven’t actually done it – YET – I did go so far as to find a website that lists local farms, farmer’s markets and stores that carry locally grow/raised products and supply to the public. It’s called Local Harvest. It’s an easy to use site that has tons of information. I was surprised to find that there are a LOT of listings for the Orlando area!

So here’s my plan. We’re going to have our unsuspecting Healthy Food Guru over for dinner one night after finding and visiting “My” farmer. Once dinner is served, I’m going to present him with a photo of my family and I with the farmer & the animal we are about to eat. The only thing I’m torn about is do I go with snippy “Ha! I DO know my farmer!” or do I take the high road and just silently smile and dig into our meal.

I’d like to think I’ll take the high road, but I know myself too well. 😛

So if you’re interested in getting to know your farmer, check Local Harvests website and let me know how it goes.


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