Kernel Encore Popcorn – Gluten Free Snacks!

When looking for a gluten-free snack option for a party our son was hosting, I decided to check out a local popcorn store I pass once a week, Kernel Encore. Knowing they have over 200 flavors of popcorn, including several with cookies and pretzels, I mistakenly thought there was no way I could be safely gluten-free there. But low and behold, after speaking with the very personable owner (it’s a husband and wife business: “He makes it and I talk to people and sell it” the jovial woman owner told me with a smile), I was reassured that they take a lot of precautions when making their popcorn. While they do use shared equipment, so the chance of cross contamination does exist, the woman detailed all the steps they take when they clean between batches. While, honestly, I didn’t understand it all, it encouraged me enough to give it a try.

And oh, I’m so glad I did! Kernel Encore, a small, local Orlando shop that ships from their online store, has over 200 flavors of super delicious gourmet popcorn. And most of them are gluten free!! (Check which are GF and safe before ordering or trying!!) I’ve eaten entire BAGS of the super yummy Kettle Corn! It’s such a nice treat to have a fun, fresh, “homemade” sweet treat. The Original Kettle Corn is simply corn popped the old fashioned way in a giant hand-stirred pot; popped in corn oil (although most of the 200 flavors of popcorn is Hot Air Popped, although there are a few in Coconut oil too) and then seasoned with maple syurp and salt. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely! And since buying for that party back in August, I must’ve eaten from two dozen bags of kettle corn from Kernel Encore and have never been contaminated. A GREAT track record! I’ve never had any other flavor, even though every time I go in I swear I’m going to try something new since there are lots and lots of gluten free options and many are diary free too! But every time I get there my mouth starts watering for my usual Kettle Corn, so I always give in and get it. :) But if you happen to try any of Kernel Encores 200 flavors , let me know what you liked and found tasty & gluten-free! :)

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  1. noi 04/13/2011 at 1:27 PM #

    I love the Orville Redenbacher Naturals microwave popcorn. My husband and I just shared a bag Simply Salted 50% Less Fat last night. :) I like the regular Simply Salted more than the 50% less fat waaaay better tho. I’ve also tried the Salt and Lime mini bags and they’re yummy too! I’ve never had any problems with these, but I’ll have to do some research to come up with a more comprehensive list. Thanks for the great idea, Ashley! :)

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  2. Ashley 04/13/2011 at 1:18 PM #

    I am going to look up this kernel encore popcorn, but i am curious… Do you eat regular Redenbacher’s or any other store brands. They don’t say they are gluten free, but most of them don’t have wheat as an ingredient. I have simply stayed away. Any ideas, suggestions? If I decide it’s too expensive to mail order popcorn, it would be nice to know what grocery store brands are safe.

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