Jones Dairy Farm Certified GF

Every Thanksgiving I used Jones Dairy Farm sausage in my Grandmama’s Stuffing, but never really thought about using it for the rest of the year. Not sure why… it was always super yummy and I never had any gluten contamination issues.

But now that Jones Dairy Farm has gone to the trouble to have the majority of their products certified GF by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO – which has a standard for testing gluten-free products that is TWICE as strict as the FDA standard), I’ll definitely be checking out more Jones products.

They’re now advertising that they offer a wide array of products that are Certified Gluten-Free: all-natural, gluten-free sausage, Canadian Bacon, ham, traditional bacon and liver sausage. They’re all readily available for purchase in grocery stores and online.

Here’s what they say about their Gluten Free Products:

Jones Dairy Farm Gluten Free Promise

Have you used any Jones products? What other brands do you trust?

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