Heinz Gluten-Free Products 2011

It’s going to be a really nice few days here in Orlando (mid to high 70s). So we’re dusting off the grill and making some BBQ chicken tomorrow. So, of course, I need to start the gluten-free barbeque sauce search now. :)

I know that there are a few brands (Sweet Baby Ray’s and one… other… hum…) that I was getting last summer. But now that it’s grill time again, I need to know what condiments are gluten free again. When we were at Disney last week, the manager taking my order told me that she’d been told by other guests that the ketchup and honey mustard sauce were Heinz and therefore gluten-free. I had known about the ketchup, but didn’t know about the honey mustard. So I skipped it to be safe, until I could check (I have an email into Heinz… we’ll see how long it takes to get a response).

So when I needed to find a BBQ Sauce for our chicken tomorrow, I thought I’d check Heinz for all sauces. And, yes, before you know it, I’ve created another printable, downloadable free list of ALL of the Heinz 2011 Products. Well… it was all there and I just love making documents pretty. So I figured I’d share it with you.

The list on the Heinz corporate website has products for the whole world on it. But for my ease of use, I made just a list of all the United States products. (Sorry to anyone who might be reading this outside the US… But I was just making it for myself. If you’d like to view the corporate site for world wide, it has more than double the items on my list and worldwide Heinz products can be found here). I’m going to print this four page list out and put it in my Gluten-Free Book, so when I shop I can have it on hand. And I’m going to put the list in Evernote, so if I forget my binder I have it on my iPhone. (It’s a little more tedious to scroll through long lists on my phone with Evernote, but I’ll happily do it when I have a question!)

Click Here to Go to My Free Downloads Page for “Noi’s 2011 US Heinz Gluten Free Product List” and lots of other downloads

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