Be Hair-y Careful!

Okay, sorry for the “Hair-y” pun. But we do have a six year old, so sometimes my humor regresses and comes out in odd rhyming or word-play form.;)

But the message behind the pun is serious: When on a gluten-free diet, you must be careful what products you choose to put on your face or in your hair. Your make up or hair products could be silently glutening you daily! (Okay, when you’re a Celiac some people argue that you must ingest gluten for it to be detrimental to your digestive system. But think about a product that you spray all over your head… If you can smell it, some of it has made it into your body through your nose. So arguably, you’re ingesting it. And for those who are Gluten Intolerant, gluten anywhere on your body or in your body can irritate you.)
Afterglow Cosmetics, IncI learned this the very, very hard way. Until not too long ago I was loosing hair by the handful. And no doctor could figure out why! But then my wonderful hairdresser figured it out. She was about to put B&B Thickening Spray in my hair when she reviewed the ingredients. I was about to tell her “It’s okay: I use that every day” when she shook her head and said, “We’ll have to use something else.” My jaw dropped. Shock! Disbelief! Embarrassment…. The *second* ingredient of my go-to hair product has been “hydrolyzed wheat protein” for nearly a year. No WONDER my tub drain looked like “Cousin It” had been in the shower!

I went home and threw out what little was left and ta-da! In just a week and a half my hair loss has significantly slowed.

I first bought this Thickening Spray well before I’d even heard of Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. I never looked at ingredients then, so I never read “wheat”. But I remember after beginning to use it (after several weeks of use) thinking to myself, “This thickening spray is making my hair thinner!” So I stopped using it and stuck it in the back of my bathroom closet. But then about 10 months ago I ran out of my usual styling lotion and there it was… sitting innocuously on the shelf. I’d been on a gluten-free diet for several months by then but never thought to read these ingredients. Which is so odd because I was so diligent with my lip gloss, eye makeup and even my shampoos & conditioners! But I never thought to check this spray so I just fell into using it again. I never made the connection that my hair loss started then. But I thankfully made that invaluable connection now.

So thank you to my wonderful hairdresser! She taught me a great lesson: no matter what the circumstance, check the ingredients for wheat before you start (or continue!) using ANY beauty product.
Afterglow Cosmetics, Inc

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