Go with Your Gut

More and more often when we eat out, I tell our server that about my food issues and they respond with “Oh! I/my friend/sister/uncle has an allergy/Celiac/sensitivity to…”. When this happens, I always breathe a sigh of relief because I know they understand and will do their best to help and get me through my meal gluten-free.

But every once in a while I get a “deer-in-the-headlights” blank stare that causes me major stress: they have no IDEA what it entails and the chances of my having to spend the next 14 days bloated and sick are very great if I continue with my order. So I then nicely ask if any other servers have any allergies or sensitivities. If they don’t know I ask for a manager. Not to get them in trouble or anything, but to see if I stand a chance in this restaurant or if I should try my luck elsewhere – which I’ve begun doing more and more. After too many times of not listening to my gut scream “Run!” only to stay, get glutened and then have to listen to my gluten-angry gut growl “I told you so!” for two weeks, I don’t hesitate to pick my family up and go to another restaurant or home. No matter how hungry and cranky we are, it’s NOTHING compared to the gluten anger that we’d be chancing if I stayed.

So listen to your second brain (your gut, your GI system). If you don’t think you’re going to come out of the meal you’re about to order gluten-free, you probably won’t. Don’t tempt the Angry Gluten Monster: run! :)

Read more tips on how to Dine Out Gluten-Free here.

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