Gluten Free Super Bowl Party Food – YUM!

Pepperoni Pizza DipOkay, so as loyal readers may have noticed I’m not much of a frou-frou cook. If there are more than 20 ingredients in a recipe and I’m usually OUT! Simple and easy yet tasty is my motto. Especially when I’m preparing for a party. So for food-oriented parties like the Super Bowl, I like to have as much variety as possible yet not spend all my time in the kitchen. I think a good variety of snacks is doubly important for us since we have a totally gluten-free household. The more our non-GF friends and fam have to choose from, the faster they’ll forget it’s all gluten-free and just think it’s tasty!

Who am I kidding…? Our new friends are always saying “Wow, these are gluten-free? BUT they taste so good!” After a time of two of leaving happily stuffed, they soon change to something like “You always make such yummy stuff” and start skipping the “gluten-free” descriptor. That’s when I know I’ve done my hosting job well. :)

So here’s a list of some Easy Gluten-Free Superbowl Party Foods. Some are super obvious and take no effort (like Crudités or Chips-n-Salsa), but I like to keep a Master Party Food List complete with which brands are gluten-free. This way I can browse though everything for inspiration and it’s easy to shop knowing which brands I found to be safe.

But since I’m fighting the flu tonight and having a bunch of people over for a party tomorrow, I’m just going to post the dishes. I’ll add the brands and recipes tomorrow.

GLUTEN FREE PARTY FOODgluten-free-pizza-puffs

– Items marked with an *asterisk might have hidden gluten, so be careful and check ingredients.
– Items followed by ( r ) have a recipe page (well, soon they will… I’m working on it now.)
– Items that have specific brands to look for are followed by ( b )

Desserts:Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.18.16 PM

Bagged Snacks:

Hope you find something that your football fans will flip over!


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