Gluten Free Canned Vegetables

It might seem strange that I put an entry for canned vegetables in here, but it always amazes me where gluten can lurk. So I’m listing many of the usual holiday suspects here:

Links for Gluten Free Canned Vegetables

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauces All cranberry sauces are safe. In Ocean Spray’s FAQ, they state: “Based on documentation from our ingredient suppliers, Ocean Spray beverages and sauces are free from… gluten.”

Del Monte In their FAQ, the fifth question gives info about their gluten-free status… Basicially it says all of their canned veggies are gluten-free except for the Green Bean Casserole

Publix This is a link to a downloadable PDF list of all gluten-free Publix store brand foods… Canned vegetables are on pages 6 & 7.

Whole Foods On their website that individual stores have lists of the gluten-free foods they have available

Kraft One of the best companies for complete disclosure on their labels. Here’s a link to their site where they review choosing gluten free foods and tutorial on their labeling.

Kraft This is a list where you can search of all kraft products and brands, including canned veggies

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