Thank Goodness for the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization)

While there still aren’t ANY federal requirements for manufacturers about food products being labeled as “gluten free” here in the US (see my diatribe on the FDA’s lack of response here), at least we have the Gluten Free Certification Organization. The GFCO is a branch of the Gluten Intolerance Group of

Whenever I consider a new product, the first thing I do is I look for their happy little GFCF’s logo: a Circle with “GF” inside of it. While it’s not a 100% guarantee you won’t get contaminated (the certification only requires a test to 20ppm, which isn’t enough for me), I still react to some things that are GFCO certified. Like, I’ve reacted to two kinds of Rudi’s Gluten Free Wraps on multiple occasions and they all have the GF Circle on it… (I’ve since banned Rudi’s from the house; too many sick weeks from those Spinach and Plain GF Wraps!)

And when you’re looking at the packaging of products be careful! Many companies will try to replicate the GIG logo and many will say “Certified Gluten Free” but don’t say by whom they’re certified. (Like, some internal division certifies the product, so they can make that claim.) So inspect any packaging that has a little GF logo on it and make sure it’s the exact GCFO logo (pictured above).

And get this: sone manufacturers have had their certification revoked or are just flat-out using the logo without actual certification or authorization, but still display the logo on their packaging. Check the GIG’s site for more information (they have an updated list of Unauthorized Uses and Violators on their first page). They also have updated lists of their currently certified products and manufacturers that I look at every few months (click here and then click on the “Certified Products” tab at the top). I often find new products to try this way – which makes my gluten free life a little easier!

Thanks GIG!!

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  1. Channon Quinn 04/09/2013 at 2:19 PM #

    I am really happy to see the positive reaction above to our certification program! We do it all for you!! I do have one small correction- GFCO requires our products to test at 10ppm or less of gluten, which is twice as strict as the proposed FDA ruling, Codex and World Health Organization Standard of 20ppm gluten. Our website is an awesome resource for verifying certification of a product using the product search/company search tool. We love consumer feedback!! If you are ever in question of a product, feel free to contact us for assistance. (253) 218-2956,,

    Most Sincerely,
    Channon Quinn
    Director of Industry Programs
    Gluten Intolerance Group

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