Garlic Joy

Since going gluten-free I found out I also have a few food allergies (lucky me) including casein, the protein found in all types of milk. So I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to dress up food without butter and cheese (sad, huh?) AND gluten. But I have to say that even though most of the time I seriously lament having this dairy allergy (okay, I curse it most days!), it may have led me to a product I wouldn’t have found otherwise: Joy’s Gourmet Spreads.

Gluten and dairy free, all of are Joy’s Gourmet Spreads safe for a gluten-free diet. With Joy’s Gourmet Garlic Joy I found a way to have both yummy baked potatoes and garlic bread and still be gluten and dairy free (GFCF). Whoot! (Or should I say “Oh joy!!”)

Joy’s Gourmet Garlic Joy is a line of fabulous local Florida products (but you can buy online if can’t find it where you live) that’s Gluten Free and Dairy Free. As a matter of fact, most products are simply four simple raw blended ingredients: Garlic, Canola Oil, Lemon Juice and Salt. The Garlic Spread also comes in various fun flavors: Sun Dried Tomato, Chipotle, Olive Tapenade, Eggplant and Artichoke.

So bust out your favorite gluten-free bread and slather on some Garlic Joy. Pop it under the broiler for a few minutes and then enjoy the best garlic bread of your gluten-free life!

Yum. My mouth is watering now… I’m gonna so see if I have any Garlic Joy in the fridge! 😛

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