Fritos Gluten-Free?

I just got back from the grocery store. All I have to say is what I heard my mother say over and over when I was a kid; don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry!!! As I looked down at my cart, I was greeted with an unfamiliar sight: a cart full of junk!! Oi. Have I not learned, after all this time?! Instead of the usual fresh fruits, veggies, meats and other “whole” foods, I had all kinds of processed foods. Pizzas (Food by George), french toast sticks (Ian’s), Smartfood, tortilla chips (Green Mountain Gringo) and… wait for it… Fritos!

I usually reserve my junk food eating for special occasions (like the Superbowl, birthday parties, Friday nights… kidding). But it’s been a while since Fritos made their way into our house. So I was surprised when I went to rip the bag o’ Original Fritos open in the parking lot (told you I was hungry!) and I happened to glance down at the ingredients. I was surprised not to find “gluten free.” Didn’t they used to have that? At the bottom, a little all-lower case “gluten free” … way under the ingredients? Hum. So I didn’t open the bag and came home to check it out.

But here it is: Original Fritos, Lightly Salted and Scoops are all gluten-free! Yay! I see a ripped bag in my future…! But then I realized I don’t think I ever posted this handy list. Frito-Lay is pretty good about updating their lists (this one is only a week old as I write this). And, even better, they have two gluten-free lists. One list of “totally” safe products because they don’t contain gluten ingredients and are tested down to 20ppm for contamination. The second list is for people who may be able to tolerate a little contamination because they’re manufactured on the same lines as products that contain gluten (not for me, thank you!!).

So here’s the list of the safe products that I reference before eating any Lay’s products: U.S. Gluten Free Products and Products Not Containing Gluten Ingredients | Frito-Lay. Hope this helps make your gluten-free life easier! :)


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