Cranberry Apple Crisp

First, I have to tell you that I don’t know what I’d do without my Living Without Magazine. Since finding out about my food sensitivities and allergies, Living Without has been a complete life saver. Not only is it packed with wonderful gluten-free recipes and tips, it’s a wonderfully positive source of inspiration. The stories of how people suffered for years (decades sometimes!) and came back stronger than ever… how they now live full, healthy, gluten-free lives and overcome the challenges of living in a gluten-full world with positive GF outlooks. Well, it just makes the hard days a little easier. (You know, those days where you’re at the grocery store, tearfully lamenting the aisle after aisle of gluten you can never eat again… which is honestly happening less and less as I get further into being GF…. But I digress….)

So all of that leads me to this wonderful gluten-free recipe from Living Without Magazine for Cranberry Apple Crisp. Since I can’t have oats of any kind (even the Bob’s Red Mill certified GF oats are not well tolerated by my GI system), I’m going to try the Quinoa version of this recipe for Thanksgiving. The recipe is also dairy free, so for those on a GFCF diet, this yummy dessert recipe is for you!

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