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Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, Here We Come!

Gluten Free goodness awaits all GF New Englanders this weekend. Why? Because it’s the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Springfield, MA! And that means lots of gluten free samples, new products and like-minded folks all under one great big happy gluten-free roof. Free safe gluten free goodies?? As our 10-year-old says, “Awwwwww, yea, baby…!!! I […]

Thank Goodness for the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization)

While there still aren’t ANY federal requirements for manufacturers about food products being labeled as “gluten free” here in the US (see my diatribe on the FDA’s lack of response here), at least we have the Gluten Free Certification Organization. The GFCO is a branch of the Gluten Intolerance Group of Whenever I consider a new […]

Finding a SAFE Gluten Free Restaurant on the Road

My little family took a BIG road trip last week: Florida to Massachusetts! While on the road and at our destination, there have been several chains that offer gluten-free menus, we didn’t always come across those while on the road. And now that we’re here in Cape Cod, the chain restaurants are few and far in between. […]

Gluten Symptoms: Do They Vary with Amount?

I’ve always wondered if there is a difference in severity of symptoms based on the amount of gluten ingested. Like, if I ever dared to eat a roll or a whole slice of pizza or something, would I get the same symptoms with the same severity as if I accidentally ingested a tiny bit of […]

Gluten-Free on the New Cheesecake Factory Menu??

Well, it‘s that time of year again. My best friend just loves the Cheesecake Factory, so I’m off to another birthday bash next week. So I was just trying to figure out if there was anything I would dare order this year. (I chickened out last year because I didn’t want to get sick). Turns […]

Beware the Hair!!

After two and a half years of leading a very strict gluten-free lifestyle, I really thought that I had completely eliminated all traces of gluten from my daily food and beauty regimen. Wrong!! I recently ran out of my usual Bumble and Bumble texture creme and had to dig waaaaay back in my bathroom closet […]

Gluten-Free Conference, Orlando

Next week (July 1-2) is the annual Gluten Intolerance Group Education Conference. I’ve never been before, but I’m SOOO excited to attend. I can’t wait to discover new foods, learn about new research and basically just revel in being surrounded by like-minded, GF people. (And bonus: it’s right  here in my backyard, Orlando, FL!) Hey! […]

Brain Fog? Evernote to the Rescue!

I love the Evernote application!! LOVE it! Why? Well, one of the symptoms of my Celiac Disease is the swelling of many things: hands, feet, face and, I’m guessing, the brain. I’m assuming this is cause for the oft-mentioned “brainfog” that people talk about as a side effect of ingesting gluten. And going gluten-free is […]

DIY: Make Your Own Gluten-Free Book

I decided to make my own book. Not that I wanted to write a cookbook or anything – I’m not that good of a cook – nor a writer! No, I made my own book from other peoples ideas. I took all my favorite gluten-free food lists, recipes and weekly meal plans, all the gluten-free recipes and information I’d torn out, saved and cobbled together and I made My Very Own Gluten-Free Book. Since I already had all the information just sitting there….