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Gluten-Free Cheerios Recall

Boxes of Gluten Free Cheerios are being recalled because wheat flour was accidentally mixed in with the GF oat flour. One one hand, it’s awful that the contamination happened. On the other, it’s good that General Mills caught it and are recalling the potenatlly contaminated boxes. But it’s now Oct 6th.. and they’re just discovering this now (Perhaps because […]

2013 Gluten-Free Halloween Candy & Treats

It’s that time of year again: Candy-ween! What does that mean for me? My annual downloadable list of gluten-free candy!! This is the first year since our 9-year-old son has been diagnosed with Celiac too. Now there are two gluten-free goblins in our house. So just like last year, I made myself a handy, alphabetized list […]

Hidden Gluten List Update

Since my original 2010 List of Potential Hidden Gluten has been so popular, I figured I should update it with what I’ve learned since. So without further ado, here’s my new and improved List of Hidden Gluten to download for your personal use. Enjoy! Hidden Gluten Sources 2013  

Ian’s Alphatots… Gluten Free??

While I usually like to prepare more healthy, whole foods, I’m a working wife and mom to a very active 7 year old. So on those days where it’s pick up from school and go-go-GO until dinner (karate, soccer, homework, play dates, music lessons… phew!) , sometimes I “cheat” and have fast, premade meals in the […]

Rice Dream Gluten Free? Hum….

Since I’m allergic to dairy (lucky me…I have a true allergy to casein, the protein in milk) I have to find other milks to use in my cereal and homemade baked goods. When I first found out about this dairy allergy I automatically turned to soy milk, but had trouble with it. Turns out many […]

“Wheat-Free” Doesn’t Mean “Gluten-Free”

Just because you see “wheat-free” on the label, don’t be lulled into automatically thinking that this “wheat-free” food is safely gluten-free. There are several of different sources of gluten and wheat is only one of them. (Rye, barley and oats are the other sources of gluten. Here’s a list of Unacceptable Ingredients that details some ways […]

Caution Foods on a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten can lurk in many products that you’d never suspect! All processed foods and health & beauty items must be checked for gluten-containing ingredients. Here’s a quick list of some products that may contain gluten: Vanilla Oats Bulk Foods Maltodextrin Communion Wafers Sodas with Carmel Colors Nuts (Seasoned or roasted nuts can have wheat in […]

List of Hidden Gluten

Gluten can lurk in any product, food or non-food (postage stamps and envelopes?!). So instead of taking the mental energy to memorize all of these, I’ve created a free downloadable, printable file, “Potential Hidden Gluten Sources” that you can print and take with you. In this document I’ve compiled a handy list of all the […]

Unacceptable Ingredients for Gluten-Free Diet

To maintain a gluten-free diet, you must be sure you’re avoiding all sources of gluten, which can be found in foods, health products (i.e. medicines) and beauty products (i.e. makeup, hair & skin products). Here’s a quick list of all the ways gluten may be listed in ingredients and recipes.  [Click Here for Print-Friendly Version] […]

Spectrum Oils NOT Gluten-free

While the oils themselves don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients, the machine Hain Spectrum Oils made on also processes Unrefined Wheat Germ Oil!!!! While they say that they take every precation and clean their machines between runs, I’m afraid I’ve found the culprit to my recent health setback. My sensitive gut can’t handle even the slightest […]