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Babycakes is Back!

The Babycakes we know and love has finally reopened at Downtown Disney! YAY! Under a new name and in a (slightly) new location, “Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC” still has all the yummy gluten-free goodness that makes it worth navigating the tourist crowds and parking of Downtown Disney. Where is Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC at Downtown […]

Gluten Free Recipe: Cheesy Pizza Puffs

Ah, the Pizza Puff. Delectable little pillows of cheesy comfort that are a favorite of kids and adults alike. These springy little cushions of Gluten Free Goodness are a party favorite!  They’re super easy to whip up so they’re great for kid’s sleepovers, watching football with dad, or just a yummy little snack for a rainy […]

Enjoy Life Cookie Deal

Since I have so many allergies (Dairy & Egg allergies and 63 other sensitivies, in addition to Celiac – yikes!), I have a very hard time finding baked goods I can safely enjoy. When I found Enjoy Life’s line of cookies a couple of years ago, I was ecstatic. Gluten free, diary (casein) free and […]

Best Gluten Free Breads

My whole wonderful family has gone gluten free to support me (thanks guys!), so I make a point to bring home each and every new gluten free bread-type-substance for them to try. Since they don’t have to be gluten free (let alone dairy and egg free, like I do), I want them to have the […]

What’s Your Favorite GF Bread Recipe?

Help!! I really, REALLY want to make some gluten-free bread from scratch. But every recipe I’ve found falls just a little short of making a good, gluten-free loaf of sandwich bread. I’ve tried so many…. Maybe it’s me!!! So can you help me out? Please share your favorite gluten-free bread recipes so I can finally […]

Gluten-free Babycakes NYC comes to Orlando!!!!

A couple of months ago I bought a FABULOUS cookbook: “Babycakes” by Erin McKenna. It’s full of super-delicious recipes for gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, brownies… Yum!!! That night, as I paged through the beautiful full-color photogrpahs of beautiful baked goods, I told my husband “Forget BAKING these…. I want to get on a plane to New […]

Noi’s Gluten-Free Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for something special to give the gluten-free person on your Christmas List? Or maybe you need a fab Valentine’s Gift? A gluten-free gift basket is a wonderful present that they’ll greatly appreciate. Not only did you take the time to learn what they can and can’t eat, you’re feeding them safe, gluten-free food! You […]

The Gluten-Free “Let Them Eat Cake” Gift Basket

If you’re lucky enough to have a fresh, dedicated gluten-free bakery or store that sells gluten-free baked goods in your area, then an assortment of pre-made gluten-free delights makes an AMAZING gift basket. Whole Foods is a national chain that often stocks local dedicated gluten-free bakery treats. And there are lots of pre-made gluten-free baked […]

The Gluten-Free “Go Ahead, Make My… Cake!” Basket

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, you should. You’ve found the info you need to help you channel your inner Clint Eastwood and give your lucky gluten-free friend everything they need to go ahead and make their cake. Because if you’re gluten-free, you have to plan ahead to bring your own baked goodies or end […]

The “It’s a Wonderful (Gluten-Free) Life” Gift Basket

The holiday season is full of get-togethers with family and friends, often centered around food. And for those of us on a gluten-free diet, the typical Christmas party fare of cookies, cheese & crackers and mini-quiches can make life feel not-so-wonderful. A great way to make a gluten-free person’s holiday bright? Give them an assortment […]