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Dessert Girl to the Rescue!

Oh, how I love this from-scratch, restaurant quality Caesar Salad. So do my friends and family. As a matter of fact, it’s my BFF’s birthday request every year. Instead of going out, every year she wants to come over and have me make this salad! It’s sooooooo good. Homemade croutons… fresh garlic… crisp romaine… freshly grated […]

Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, Here We Come!

Gluten Free goodness awaits all GF New Englanders this weekend. Why? Because it’s the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Springfield, MA! And that means lots of gluten free samples, new products and like-minded folks all under one great big happy gluten-free roof. Free safe gluten free goodies?? As our 10-year-old says, “Awwwwww, yea, baby…!!! I […]

Are Peeps Gluten Free?

Our 8-year-old son LOVES Peeps. Adores them! Personally, I don’t get the attraction. But every year (since I had to go gluten-free and we stopped bringing gluten into the house) he asks and I have to say no. Because a couple of years ago I did the research and found they were contaminated (shared equipment). […]

Ian’s Alphatots… Gluten Free??

While I usually like to prepare more healthy, whole foods, I’m a working wife and mom to a very active 7 year old. So on those days where it’s pick up from school and go-go-GO until dinner (karate, soccer, homework, play dates, music lessons… phew!) , sometimes I “cheat” and have fast, premade meals in the […]

“Wheat-Free” Doesn’t Mean “Gluten-Free”

Just because you see “wheat-free” on the label, don’t be lulled into automatically thinking that this “wheat-free” food is safely gluten-free. There are several of different sources of gluten and wheat is only one of them. (Rye, barley and oats are the other sources of gluten. Here’s a list of Unacceptable Ingredients that details some ways […]


Yes, as you may have guessed from the title, I have a cold. Or the flu. Or whatever this may ultimately be called. I awoke yesterday with a sore throat and stuffy nose but could ignore it as I focused and worked a 12-hour day…. But today, well, today is a different story. Oh, it’s […]

Acceptable Foods for a Gluten-Free Diet

This gluten-free foods list, while far from complete, should serve as a great jump start your gluten-free diet. (Or a quick way to double check to be sure your current GF diet is on track). [Click here for this and other free downloadable Gluten-Free documents] *Acceptable Gluten-Free Foods* Rice (unflavored. Seasonings in pre-packaged rice dishes […]

Going gluten-free? You’ve found to the right place!

My name’s Noi and I found out in 2009 that I have Celiac Disease. My food life over the last year has drastically changed, so I decided to blog about it. While it’s been a rather difficult year …