I Love You, Betty Crocker!

Forget Beth Cooper. I love another girl with the initials BC: Betty Crocker! (Yes… another lame movie reference… I never saw “I Love You, Beth Cooper” but I remembered the catchy title.)

Why do I love her? Have you seen the “LiveGlutenFreely” site yet? It’s a wonderful, up-to-date database of all current gluten-free products from Betty Crocker. And Betty gets around! Well, she and the General (Mills, that is) have parented many other major brands you’ll be familiar with:

Green Giant
Nature Valley

And some of the other Betty Crocker products: Hamburger Helper… Gluten-free Bisquick… Gluten-free Dessert Mixes (Brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies – oh my!)… Potato Buds….

And there’s a great little 3-page Live Gluten Freely Pocket Guide that you can print out and take to the store with you. It has every General Mills brand that is currently listed as gluten-free, complete with item numbers. On the Gluten-Free Products page, there’s a button that allows you to open a PDF of this current list and right under the button there’s a “Last Updated on..” byline so you know that the list you’re about to download is current. But the list itself doesn’t have a date or version number on it, which would be very nice (hint, hint, LiveGlutenFreely!). So when you print it out, write the date on it so you know which version you’re holding.

I just printed it and put it in My Very Own Gluten-Free Book. It’ll be a huge help next time I’m out with my 6-year-old son and he says “Mommy? Can we get…” I can just look and see that “yes! We can get the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar!” (Which just so happens to be my favorite of all gluten free bars!! But that’s another post.)

I just can’t believe how wonderfully helpful some of the big companies are becoming with reguards to labeling and proactively maintaining gluten-free databases. I guess enough of us are out here now, so the profit margins are there for huge companies to take note and to go through the rigors of labeling gluten-free. But no matter what the motivation behind it is, I’m just glad this gluten-free movement is happening. I’m all for anything that can make our gluten-free lives easier!!

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