Best Gluten Free Breads

My whole wonderful family has gone gluten free to support me (thanks guys!), so I make a point to bring home each and every new gluten free bread-type-substance for them to try. Since they don’t have to be gluten free (let alone dairy and egg free, like I do), I want them to have the absolute best tasting GF baked goods out there. And after trying TONS of different brands and types of gluten alternatives, I figured I should post a short list of all our current faves.


The best gluten free sandwich bread that we’ve found is the Whole Foods brand of Gluten Free Light Sandwich Bread (make sure it’s the Light one though!). It’s made by Whole Foods’ Gluten Free Bakehouse, which is a dedicated GF facility. We lightly toast it, top it with whatever the occasion calls for (sandwich meats [Applegate] or cheeses [Applegate or Kraft] or butter or jelly or whatever). Then – and this is the key to getting the right texture – you stick it in the microwave for 25 seconds. Because when you toast a previously frozen piece of bread, it gets hard! 25 seconds in the microwave gets it back to the right texture.

Then there’s a super yummy gluten free Baguette that my boys love: Against the Grain’s Rosemary Baguette. Another dedicated gluten free facility, the Against the Grain products are cheesy and delicious!! It’s kind of chewy just out of the bag tho. So I take pieces of the baguette, cut it in half, heat a bit of Safflower oil in a frying pan and lightly pan fry (and, as our son says, “smoooosh the heck out of it”). Top immediately to make warm, yummy panini-like sandwiches.

Rudi’s has just come out with Rudi’s Gluten Free Tortillas. I can only find the Spinich wraps (they also have Plain and Fiesta Tortiallas too). They’re by FAR the best  GF wrap I’ve ever tasted. They’re soft and pliable, tasty and certified GF by the GIG. I eat one just about every weekday for lunch. They’re a GFCFEF lifesaver!!!!!! I keep them in the refrigerator (they stay fresh longer), so I either microwave it for 10-15 seconds or pan fry it in Olive oil for about 23 seconds per side.


While not technically an official version of what we Americans think of as “English Muffins,” our family loves LivWell’s Crumpets. Whole Foods often carries the LivWell products in the frozen Gluten Free section. These are best served exactly as you would a normal english muffin: simply toasted in a (dedicated GF) toaster and topped with butter or jelly or whatever your heart desires.

Glutino’s English Muffins are also good. They’re a little thick for our taste, but again, “smoooooshing the heck out of it” while spreading topping is the key to getting it “back to normal.”

Hope this helps!

Do you have any favorite gluten free breads? If so, please let me know by leaving a Reply below. We always love to hear about yummy new gluten free possibilities!!

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