“Bakery on Main” Granola

My family loves this granola! We always have a bag of the Cranberry Granola in the house (appropriate since we’re currently living in cranberry country in Massachusetts!!). That was the first flavor we tried and it was so yummy that we never branched out. So when I got an email from Gluten Free Saver, and saw this deal for a 5-bag Variety Pack, we were psyched! We ordered it yesterday and are eagerly awaiting the package. Click here to save 44% on a 5-Bag Variety Pack of Bakery On Main certified Gluten-Free Granola! And you know Bakery On Main products are going to be safe! Bakery On Main is a dedicated gluten-free facility — and they’re certified by the GIG’s GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization). Ya gotta love it when you find that little GF circle logo on products… you can just breathe easier knowing the GIG is on the cross-contamination case!! :)

BTW…  I highly recommend joining Gluten Free Saver. It’s a service that emails you (seems like a couple of times a month) to notify your about their latest gluten-free deals. They have so many awesome, money saving deals on gluten-free food that we’ve saved over $100 in just the past five months. And we’ve discovered some new favorite brands (like Vermont Smoke and Cure. My DH is now completely addicted to their … meat sticks?… since we ordered a sampler pack from Gluten Free Saver). Get My Gluten-Free Deals! Basically Gluten Free Saver is like having someone gather up and discount a whole bunch of great gluten-free brands and emailing you to let you in on the deals. It rocks!! And it’s free! So check it out by clicking their logo above… Let me know if you score any good deals! :)

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