Gluten-free Babycakes NYC comes to Orlando!!!!

A couple of months ago I bought a FABULOUS cookbook: “Babycakes” by Erin McKenna. It’s full of super-delicious recipes for gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, brownies… Yum!!! That night, as I paged through the beautiful full-color photogrpahs of beautiful baked goods, I told my husband “Forget BAKING these…. I want to get on a plane to New York City. Really. RIGHT NOW!!! Look at these. C’mon, let’s go get one of everything!” Well, needless to say we didn’t hop a plane to NYC that night just for gluten-free baked goods.

Even though I seriously wanted to.

Well, my birthday is coming up and my sweet husband remembered that conversation. So while planning my party (probably to be held at Maggiano’s, which has great gluten-free meal options but no dessert options), he looked into getting some Babycakes baked goods shipped down to O-town from New York City. Unaware this planning was going on, when started receiving a series of cryptic texts from my husband (like “Guess where we are going tonight?” and “Don’t make any plans…!”  and “You’re in for a tasty treat!”) I was intrigued, to say the least.

So after work my whole little family of three (husband, son and I) got in the car and started to head south towards all the tourist attractions. Hum…. As we continued on our way we neared Disney. I guessed aloud that we were going to have dinner somewhere on Disney property (it’s one of the BEST places to eat gluten-free in town. The chefs come out and make you exactly what you want! But that’s for another post…). But my boys smiled goofily and slyly said “No….!”

Well, we actually did wind up in Downtown Disney (“Hey, wait a minute…!”). I progressively more confused as we parked in front  of the T-Rex restaurant and headed towards the Lego Store (a path that I’m ALL too familiar with, having an avid 6-year-old fan of legos!!). But then I saw that the old McDonald’s (which had been closed for renovations for a few months) was now something else. “Fresh-a-Peel”. Hum…! Cool…. A yummy gluten-free salad, perhaps? But as we entered, we vered left, away from the fast food lines, to a tiny little stand in the corner. And as I read the innocuous “Bakery” signage, I was amazed to read “gluten-free” and “allergy friendly” on the cases containing the adorable, colorful confections. And then I noticed my coveted Babycakes cookbook standing on a little cake stand. I whipped my head up to further read that the “Fresh Baked Goods Daily” sign had a little “Babycakes NYC”  logo in the corner.


I think my husband just made my trip to New York City for gluten-free Babycakes a reality – without leaving Orlando!

Notice the little "Babycakes NYC" in the lower right of the sign (not the best signage - no gluten-free notice anywhere!)

I was SO excited that I think the cheerful, bespectacled man behind the Babycakes counter thought I was crazy. “Oh my god! Oh my GOD!!! I’m so happy you’re here!!!” I told him. Not missing a beat, he said with a smile “Well, I’m glad you’re here too.” (He must get this reaction a lot from treat-starved gluten-free folks like myself!)

It’s been SO long since I walked into a bakery. So long since indulging in a store-bought baked good that wasn’t pre-packaged or frozen. I thought those days were over for me. So to see those two gleaming silver cases filled with delicious treats that I can actually eat, was like… well, it was like instead of my boys taking me to Downtown Disney, they’d taken me to gluten-free, dairy-free heaven. 😛

Well, I ordered one of just about everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. The man behind the counter would start to ask “well, what about–” But I’d never let him finish. “Yep! One of those too! Everything!”

It was a pure, unadulterated joyous moment of “let ME eat cake!!!!!” Whoo-hoo!

We took our huge shopping bag full of goodies to the nearest table and I proceeded to try a bit of each of the treats. And, oh, were they tasty. The brownie bites were my son’s fave, the lemon crunch donut my husband’s. I tried a bite of both: the tiny little muffin shaped brownie bites are very moist and dense, with tiny chocolate chips and a huge burst of flavor. The lemon crunch donut was a bit lackluster upon first bite… until the zesty lemony flavor kicked in and surprised my tastebuds. I don’t know that I’d seek out the lemon donut again, but I sure won’t turn it away if presented with it! 😛

My favorite gluten-free treat was the chocolate chip cookie sandwich (two oversized cookies with chocolate icing between). The cookies are a bit flatter and more brittle than traditional wheat flour cookies, so I thought they’d be too crunchy and fall apart with the first bite. But they held together nicely. Sweet, hearty and delectable, this cookie sandwich became my immediate favorite.

I also tried a bite of the thickly sliced, dense yet flakey pumpkin bread and promptly decided to save it for breakfast the next day, to enjoy with a steaming cup of GFCF chai tea latte. (And I had that this morning and it was DEVINE!)

I tried a few bites of so many things at that first sitting down at Disney, I got quite a stomach ache…. I never thought I’d get to go home with a cupcake tummy ache like my 6-year-old. It was wonderful! 😛

Since then I’ve tried the chocolate chocolate chip cupcake, the red velvet cupcake and the mint cupcake. (Do you see what a must do to research for this blog?! Oh, the hardship! 😛 ) Moist and flakey, the chocolate chocolate chip cupcake is infused with tiny little chocolate chips throughout the cupcake. The white icing (coconut based, agave sweetened) is delicious and is artfully sprinkled with more chocolate chips. This chocolate chip cupcake was my third favorite treat (behind the Cookie Sandwich and Brownie Bite). I wasn’t a terribly big fan of the red velvet cupcake though… I think I may have just been spoiled by so many other great tasting goodies that this may have gotten an unfair shot at gluten-free greatness…. I may just have to try it again. 😛

The Babycakes baked goods are gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and vegan (dairy-free and egg free). And even though all those “missing” ingredients might not sound too tempting for those who don’t have to avoid ALL of them, I say wait until you try before judging. Because I’ve gotta tell ya… when you’re eating a Babycakes cupcake, cookie, brownie or donut, you’re not thinking about anything that it’s MISSING. All you’re thinking is that it’s DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

Babycakes Orlando has a dedicated, segregated, completely gluten-free kitchen. They’re so proud of this fact that they have a wonderful window where you can look and see the gluten-free kitchen! You can watch them bake and see all the ingredients they’re using. It’s a wonderful, confidence inspiring feature. (’cause i have to be honest: when I saw that it was just a small little counter tucked into the corner of this fast food establishment, I feared that it was a shared kitchen and cross contamination would be an issue.)

So next time you’re in Orlando and need a gluten-free dessert, run, don’t walk to Downtown Disney to check out the third store from the famous Babycakes NYC.

How to Find Babycakes in Orlando:
Take I-4 towards Disney. Follow signs for Downtown Disney. Use Entrance 2 to Downtown Disney and park in Lot F as close as you can to the T-Rex diner. To the immediate right of the foggy T-Rex prehistoric forest is a bright orange building with a tower. There aren’t any Babycakes signs [yet?] but just head to Fresh-a-Peel. When you enter, look opposite the fast food counters in the corner and there’s the Bakery counter with the fabulous, gluten-free Babycake treats.

Babycakes NYC has now become Babycakes LA and Babycakes O-town! Yeay! And the one in NYC ships to anywhere on the East Coast, the one in LA to the West Coast. Yummy gluten-free baked goods for everyone!!!!!!!!

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12 Responses to “Gluten-free Babycakes NYC comes to Orlando!!!!”

  1. Christy 11/03/2012 at 12:13 AM #

    I’m through the roof excited to find this post! We are getting ready to move to the area and I have 4 kiddos that have food allergies rangeing from nuts, eggs, wheat and dairy. My sons birthday is on Tuesday and I’m so excited to get some cupcakes for him!

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  2. Disabelle 10/18/2012 at 9:18 AM #

    Thanks for sharing, I’m so excited to try it!

    Have you tried Raphsodic Bakery? Also an amazing delight, we had them do our wedding cake and it was marvelous!!!!!!!

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  3. Paul T. 07/26/2012 at 2:48 PM #

    Thanks so much for this article. I live in Orlando, but never go to the “tourist” areas as I have no reason to. BUT since I’m highly allergic to nuts, and don’t eat gluten, and prefer vegan, this is an IDEAL place for me to visit! Thanks so much!

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  4. Cheryl 07/16/2012 at 2:26 PM #

    On our trip to Orlando, we were walking around in downtown Disney and saw Babycakes! Needless to say, being allergic to gluten, I was thrilled when I saw the sign saying “gluten-free” in the window! Oh my goodness, they even had gluten-free donuts! They were yummy! How I wish you would open more locations and have one near me! The cupcakes were delicious too! I recently asked someone that was going to Orlando to bring me some donuts back.

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  5. Susan 07/13/2012 at 10:14 AM #

    I am SOooo excited that I stumbled upon your review of Babycakes NYC at downtown Disney. I am going to surprise my son and take him there Monday afternoon, as we have to make a trip to Orlando for something anyways. He is going to be so happy to have some baked treats that actually taste really good. Now… If only I could find a bakery that makes gluten free bread items(loaves, buns, etc…). I have tried a few recipes myself but have yet to hit on one that is a good replacement for regular bread. I found a decent frozen loaf at the grocery store but it is rather pricey and the polices are so very small that my son has to make at least two sandwiches to equal one made with “regular” sized bread. Any suggestions for me on where to find such items? Or good recipes to try?

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    • Anne 01/29/2013 at 3:22 PM #

      Raphsodic Bakery on 710 N Mills Ave (Orlando) has great gluten free bread. My 12 year old is on a GF diet and doesn’t like the Rudi’s or Udi’s, but loves this. You can pre-order fresh, but the frozen is always available. Their GF vegan cupcakes are really good, too! You wouldn’t even know they are GF!

      Good luck!

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      • noi 01/30/2013 at 7:59 AM #

        Oh, I LOVE Raphsodic’s cupcakes!!! And you’re right: you can’t tell that they’re GF or vegan -just that they’re yummy!!!!! But I’ve never tried their bread. What kind do you get?

        Have you tried Whole Foods GF Light Sandwich Bread? Not that I’m trying to take business away from a local biz, but whenever you can’t get your bread Raphsodic, try it. Make sure it’s the Light one though. And I just posted about how we like to prep it….
        Thanks for the tip! I’m going to have to try Raphsodic’s bread next time I go in for cupcakes.

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  6. Lisa 02/27/2012 at 5:57 PM #

    I am so excited that i found this article!!!!! This is awesome!!!!!!!!! I am going there tomorrow!!!! I was at Downtown Disney last week. As a florida native with a 3 & 5 yr old we visit there a few times a month. I had no idea you were there! I want to drive there right now! LOL

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  7. Lauren 02/12/2012 at 11:20 PM #

    You just made my day!!!!!! I am going to Orlando for my birthday to see my husband on R&R. I love my husband dearly but all I kept thinking was that I was going to miss cake for my birthday. Now I see I will have lots of cake for my birthday!!!!!!!

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    • noi 02/16/2012 at 6:59 PM #

      Oh yay! I’m glad I could help! I just had my birthday too and went there for some brownie bites. Yum!
      Hope you have a great birthday and a fabulous trip Lauren!
      And if you’re looking for other places to eat while in Orlando (besides Disney – which is a gluten-free paradise), let me know. There are lots of great places to eat here.
      Happy birthday!
      :) Noi

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  8. BabyCakes NYC 01/16/2011 at 2:38 PM #

    We are so, so thrilled to read your review! It brought tears to a few eyes here, we are not going to lie! Thank you so much for writing about our new bakery, we are so glad you made it here and sampled our desserts!

    We look forward to seeing you again soon!

    BabyCakes NYC

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    • noi 01/21/2011 at 8:10 PM #


      First, I’m amazed that you actually found my little post….!

      Second, Thank YOU Babycakes!! I’m so glad I could make you happy ’cause your tasty little gluten-free vegan treats make ME happy! (Especially the brownie bites. Yum!!)

      :) Noi

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