Babycakes is Back!

The Babycakes we know and love has finally reopened at Downtown Disney! YAY! Under a new name and in a (slightly) new location, “Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC” still has all the yummy gluten-free goodness that makes it worth navigating the tourist crowds and parking of Downtown Disney.

Where is Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC at Downtown Disney?

While the Bakery is not in the official “Marketplace” anymore, it’s still in Downtown Disney not far from it’s original location. From the original location next to the T-Rex cafe (a great place to get an Omnivore Salad that’s GF and SUPER YUMMY!!), face the water, head left, go over the little walking bridge. Go past Fulton’s Crab House (you know, the big Paddle Boat on the water) and it’s right near Raglan Road (which, btw, is another great place for a GF meal!! I love being gluten-free at Disney!! They make a Celiac feel right at home and safe. Ahhhh..)

Or you can always park near Planet Hollywood and walk from the other direction. But because of all the construction, there’s currently no way to quickly get there.

For more information on Babycakes… I mean Erin’s…! yummy goodies and why they’re so great, check out my other Babycakes post here. To see what other people are saying about it, check out Yelp or Find Me Gluten Free.

Enjoy your gluten-free yummy goodies!


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