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Next, please understand that I’m not a medical professional. I’m simply posting the information that I find useful in my personal gluten-free journey. I’m not paid by anyone to do this and I buy everything that I write about (how DO people get that free stuff? I don’t know). Well, I guess to cover myself, I should say that if in the future I should be so lucky as to get paid by someone or get some free swag, I’ll tell you right then and there in the post. But until then, everything here is my unsolicited opinions and I’ve bought and paid for everything I talk about myself. I do however, have some ads (which don’t make any money to speak of, so I don’t know why I have them… Again, how do people do that: make money from a site? I don’t know.) But those ads are very obvious (like the Triumph Dining ad at the top) and again, I’m not paid to host them, I just make a few cents if you click on it.

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Ingredients may change, so always read the label and/or check with the manufacturer.

And remember my favorite saying, When if comes to gluten-free, when in doubt, go without!

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