bionaturae Gluten-Free Pasta

When I started the gluten-free diet, the first thing I missed was bread. Then along came Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread and life was good again (hello, Applegate Pepperoni panini!!).

The second casualty in our war against gluten was Pasta Night. We tried all kinds of rice pastas and they were okay. Tinkyada is by far the best rice pasta we found (and we suffered through a LOT of different brands to find it!), but it just wasn’t the same as “real” pasta.

Then along came bionaturae. It’s a bit of an odd italian name to spell and pronounce (bio-nature?), but it’s an organic company started by “a group of young Italians and an American” that spent over a year experimenting with gluten-free pasta recipes before coming up with the absolute best gluten-free pasta this gluten-free girl has ever tasted.

Made from potato, soy and rice, bionaturae’s gluten-free pastas have the texture and taste just like traditional wheat pasta, but without wheat or corn. It cooks to a perfect al dente with no rinsing. You can easily serve this pasta to a group of non-GF friends or family without telling them that it’s gluten-free. Then after their second helping, you can watch their jaws drop when you tell them it’s a gluten-free pasta. :) And it’s Celiac-safe since it’s produced at a dedicated gluten-free facility and there’s no risk of cross contamination. It’s also safe from other allergens other such as dairy, tree nuts, peanuts or eggs as well.

So a quick Italian Night has been reintroduced into our weeknight family dinners! Yeay! Click here how we do a Gluten-Free Italian Night.

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