Edamame at Pei Wei

The other day when our family went to Pei Wei, we ordered the edamame and forgot to say it “gluten free” when we ordered. (We actually totally forgot to order the edamame and my husband went back and ordered it after we’d already sat down, which is what caused the confusion.) So when the plate of yummy little soy beans came out, I reached for one but something stopped me. Unconsciously I must’ve realized that the server didn’t say “Gluten Free Edamame” when he served it or something, ’cause all of the sudden I knew I shouldn’t eat them.

Why? I couldn’t remember if Edamame is one of those things that we have to order specifically from the gluten-free. I mean, we eat at Pei Wei once every couple of weeks because they have such a great, safe gluten-free menu. And I even wrote an article about how to order gluten-free at Pei Wei right here on this site! So I should’ve remembered. But alas, I couldn’t. Maybe it was low blood sugar. Yeah. That’s my excuse for my poor memory. 😛

So while my husband got up and sought out the answer, I actually got out my iPhone and came to here, to this very site to reference my own info. (Boy, it doesn’t look all that great on a phone, huh?!) And I found that you DO need to order Edamame specifically from the Pei Wei Gluten-Free Menu or they’re NOT safe.

Phew! That was close. I’d been two inches from getting glutened. I pushed the plate of edamame across the table – which made our son VERY happy! :)

Since we were there, I figured I’d get the scoop on why the edamame is NOT gluten-free unless you specifically order it that way. The manager (whom we’ve gotten to know since we go there so often) cheerfully informed us that Pei Wei Edamame is normally cooked in their chicken broth which contains gluten. When you order Edamame off the Pei Wei Gluten-Free menu, they cook it in water instead.

So next time you’re looking for a gluten-free appetizer, Pei Wei Gluten-Free Edamame is a safe, healthy way to go.

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