Going gluten-free? You’ve found to the right place!

If you’re considering going gluten-free, you’ve found the best resource to start, stay and enjoy being gluten-free.

My name’s Noi and I found out in 2009 that I have Celiac Disease. My food life over the last year has drastically changed, so I decided to blog about it. While it’s been a rather difficult year (since, in addition to being gluten-free, I also found out that the disease has damaged my GI system so much that I now have a diary allergy [hopefully temporary] and 60+ food sensitivities [based on a recent ALCAT test] which I need to accommodate). So in the hope of helping others just starting (or staying on) a gluten-free diet, I decided to journal all that I’ve learned. Maybe in reading about my mistakes and eventual positive outcomes with stories, links, lists and quick “cheat sheets” to help get you on the road to being gluten-free, I can help those just starting avoid the frustration and sometimes overwhelming information that drastically changing the way you eat can present.

Hope you like my site (well, once it’s up and running properly…. It’s a few days before Halloween and I’m behind on making my son’s costume, so it may be a few days before I really get started…).

Anyway. Thanks for looking!!

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